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Moon Glow is a story about a young woman and her path to self-discovery in the midst of fear, anxiety and uncertainty….

Sara Flanagan had made great progress, rising to Assistant Branch Manager at a Chicago bank. And now a promotion to run her own branch brought with it a move to the suburbs. Recovering from a failed relationship with her superior, she put the past behind her to make a fresh start.  Read More

Moon Glow, continued

She had scarcely gotten settled when the trouble started. Funds went missing from the bank and an investigation ensued. Sara was right in the middle of finding and fixing the problem. Could the Assistant Manager be complicit in the theft? Would the affair with her former boss have a negative impact on her reputation and professional advancement or even threaten to end her career?

Meanwhile, significant changes in her personal life added to her stress and anxiety. Concern about the health and safety of her aging parents mixed with guilt that they wanted more of her time than she could give. Alone and isolated in a new community, she had just begun to make new friends and social connections including a new man she found irresistibly attractive.

Uncertainty clouded every aspect of Sara’s life, at times leaving her almost beyond her ability to cope. Her days and nights were marked by worry and fear, relieved by intervals of joy and emotional release. Her challenge was to find the way through — and out — to having the happy, meaningful life she’d always wanted.


“Moon Glow really stuck with me… a very spiritual book about a simple life filled with regular emotions — fear, joy, dread, sadness, and just simple existing.  It comforted me.  I felt empathy for our heroine…happiness for her life and her successes.  I connected with her on her likes and coping skills and the way she connected with others.  I felt inspired by her management style.”

Annie Ridgell, Cottonwood, AZ

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